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What does it look like to work with me?

7 years and 700 videos

I am an professional in my field with 7 years of experience in video production. I have high quality professional equipment including camera, drone and microphones. In addition, I utilize backup recording equipment, including backaps, and I also have a backup camera if needed.

More that 30 weddings

My passion made me a professional in this field. Do you know the difference between a professional and a beginner? The professional has a lot of experience and knows how to respond quickly to any problem. And of course also in the technique I use. You have invested a lot of money and time in your wedding and therefore it is worth investing in your most beautiful memory of this day.

Capturing the wedding atmosphere

I document/shoot weddings naturally, as they unfold, with minimal interference. I prefer to stand somewhere in the background, absorbing the wedding atmosphere and trying to capture it through the lens of my camera or drone. There's no need to worry about not feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Just smile and enjoy your day.

Wedding videography
isn't just a job

I know from my own experience how powerful video can be. You hear the voices, you hear the laughter, you see your first dance. Video can take you back in time like nothing else. This work became very personal to me, and I'm grateful that after each wedding, I can say that I didn't just work for couples, but I also made new friends. Wedding videography for me is not just a job. It's my mission, in which I continually strive for improvement.


Drone footage in a wedding video adds a whole new dimension and perspective that enriches the overall visual experience. They offer a unique view of the wedding venue and surroundings that ground-based cameras simply can't capture. These aerial shots can capture sweeping panoramas and details of a location, revealing its beauty and atmosphere in an overall context. Whether it's capturing spectacular natural scenery, historic buildings, or emotional moments from above, drone footage adds dramatic effect and a cinematic feel.

Authentic Sound in Your Wedding Video

Capturing the true essence of your wedding means not only capturing the image, but also the sound. In my approach to creating your wedding video, I place great emphasis on authentic audio of the ceremony, speeches, and other key moments. I use professional microphones, placed strategically to capture every word of the vows, the laughter of the guests, the tears of joy, and the sounds of nature all around. This detailed sound recording creates a rich soundscape that evokes powerful emotions and memories as the video plays. Authentic sound allows you to relive your wedding with incredible intensity, as if you were there again.

Multiple cameras During the speeches

For my video with all speeches, I use two cameras to capture both the speaker and the reactions of the wedding couple and guests. This approach ensures that every heartfelt word and emotional response is beautifully documented, creating a comprehensive and immersive experience. You’ll be able to relive not just the speeches, but also the joy, laughter, and tears of your loved ones, making your wedding video truly special and memorable.

Part of your wedding planning team

When you choose to work with me, I will become part of your wedding planning team. I can help with choosing locations for photo shoots (remembering to pick locations in case it rains), with refining the timeline, I can help you choose what your wedding seating and tables will look like or discuss your extra video requirements. I am here for you!

Your Videos: Fast Sharing, Safe Privacy

I upload the videos online to cloud storage, what's also includ a link for online playback. If you are interested in sharing your footage with your loved ones, just send them the link and they can watch it in seconds. If you would like, your video can be protected with a private password, allowing you complete control over access to the content.

Connecting through Cameras: reviews of happy couples

It is always an honor to witness your special day. My wedding couples are not just clients, they are new friends to me. After spending their wedding day together, I feel that we have that ineffable connection with each other that longtime friends have. Relive this unique experience, and see what others say in their reviews below.


Hiring Patrik for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We had a good dialogue prior, where we could tell him what we wanted for the video in terms of color editing, cutting and vibe. On the day, he was very pleasant yet still anonymous so we didn’t think about the fact that we were filmed. The first time we watched the videos, we teared up and laughed while we played them. After first seeing the 3 minute video, we wondered how he could make the 20 minute worth watching more than once, however the 20 minute one was even better than the 3 minute, and after a few weeks, we have watched them all multiple times. We would hire him again without hesitation, and would highly recommend him.

Karoline & Fredrik

That was a trip down memory lane. What enormous gratitude we are sitting here with. We cannot thank you enough for making this for us. And we cannot thank you enough for spending the day with us. We are truly grateful that you where there with us. Spreading joy and captureing those special moments!

Patrik was on par with our wishes troughout the whole process. We were very excited to work with him..and he delivered as promised and beyond. We could not be happier with the communication, the work put in and the result. Absolutely fantastic. We would really like to use Patrik again.

Ingrid & Ernst

Very, very happy with booking out videografer Patrick. From the beginning we had good communication. Seeing the videos he put together as well as all the raw footage from moments throughout the day was absolutely worth every norwegian krone!

He caught beautiful interactions, reactions, and moments throughout the day that I know we will look at for years to come. He was also very professional, calm, and relaxed which was quite nice during such a whirlwind of a day. He interacted seamlessly with our photographer. Would highly recommend him. Thank you again Patrick!

Christina & johan

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