Hey, I am Patrik

I'm from Slovakia and 4 years ago I decided to move to Scandinavia . I work with video for 7 years now and have been part of many projects and over time I got into photography as well.

I really enjoy documentary style of filmmaking. I always find my inspiration in travel and nature. This is what led me to photography and video.

And why wedding videos?

For me, this is an intensely personal profession, and I feel profoundly grateful after each wedding. Wedding videography isn't  a job for me; it's a passion that fills me deeply. I continuously strive to push my boundaries in order to craft better videos. Moreover, it offers me the opportunity to apply a documentary style at these weddings, allowing for a more authentic and captivating storytelling approach.

style of filming

I film weddings in a documentary style, a method I genuinely enjoy and excel at. This approach allows me to capture authentic moments and the true atmosphere of your day without unnecessary interference. I don't typically instruct the wedding guests on what to do, letting the wedding unfold naturally. I'm there to discreetly and unobtrusively capture all the emotions, joys, and unforgettable moments. This way, I create unique and genuine videos that you'll cherish and that will always remind you of the beauty of your special day.

emotions, travel and nature and ...

I love traveling and discovering new places, which allows me to tailor each wedding video to the unique style and personality of the couple. Every journey brings new perspectives and ideas that I incorporate into my projects to create unforgettable stories that will resonate with your hearts.

... surfing

One of my greatest passions is surfing. Surfing has taught me patience and perseverance, which I bring into my work. Every wave brings new inspiration, which I use to capture the dynamism and energy of each wedding.

Why Patrick?