Questions & answers

If you can't find your answer to a question here, please feel free to contact me.

How does communication with you work?

Before we sign a joint contract, we'll have a shared video call, where I can explain my working process in detail and show you examples of my previous work. Additionally, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with information about your wedding day, such as the venue, expected number of guests, and other details.

Once the contract is signed, you can contact me at any time if you need more information or assistance with organizing your wedding program.

About a month before the wedding, we'll have another video call where we'll go over the entire schedule for the day so that I can be fully prepared for all the events that will take place.

When can we expect the delivery of our wedding video?

The contract specifies a delivery timeframe of up to 4 months from the wedding date. However, it's possible that the videos may be ready earlier, typically within 4 to 8 weeks, depending on my current workload. I aim to strike a balance between video quality and delivery time because your wedding video is a unique memory for a lifetime. The processing speed may vary depending on specific circumstances.

Can we choose our own song for the video?

To use a specific song in your wedding video, you would need to have the copyrights for that particular composition, which can be expensive to obtain. Therefore, I usually select licensed music that best fits the video's atmosphere, based on my personal taste. If you're not satisfied with the chosen song, we're willing to change it after consultation.

Does the video include original sounds from the ceremony and speeches?

During your wedding day, I record authentic sounds from the ceremony and speeches. I make an effort to include these genuine sounds in the video as they contribute to creating an authentic and atmospheric experience.

Do you speak norwegian?

I speak Norwegian just a little, but I understand more, and I'm still learning Norwegian. However, this won't affect your wedding. During the wedding, I don't require English communication while I'm present. You can communicate with the photographer or friends as you're accustomed to.

How do you deliver the videos?

I send all the videos to Google Cloud and provide a link for online viewing. You can easily download them from Google Cloud. I won't delete your videos, and if I ever intend to do so, I will inform you. Online videos are accessible with a personal key to maintain your privacy. This method is quite popular for sharing videos with family and friends. Just send the link, and you can watch them right away.

I'd like to see more your 20-minute videos

20-minute videos are private, but if you'd like to see them, you can contact me for more information.